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Aren’t there free smartphone apps that do this?
In a word, no. There are smartphone apps which purport to measure lean angle. They do this by working out speed against GPS vector, and displaying what the lean angle ought to be. There are at least two problems with this approach: firstly, it depends on GPS accuracy and sample rate, and secondly it doesn’t give you the bike’s lean angle but the theoretical angle of the bike and rider combined! See the “Lean Angle” tab on the Concept page.

Will it fit my bike?
We have an entire section devoted to this - see the Installation tab on the Product page. Basically, if your bike has conventional handlebars or is a sports bike with a flat top yoke, then it’s highly unlikely you will encounter fitting problems. There may be some bikes where fitting is more difficult (and we’re always looking to find solutions for any problems) and inevitably, there are some bikes for which fitting will present a challenge. However, for the majority of bikes fitting should be straightforward.

How important is correct fitting?
The unit does not need to be on the centre line of the bike, but it should be level. We include a spirit-level display mode to help you with mounting.

I have more than one bike; can I purchase fitting kits separately?
Yes. Our standard fitting kit is available as an extra for £9.99 inclusive of delivery. Email us at with your requirements.

How do I fit / change the battery?
Remove the unit from the bike. On the underside is a rubber hatch: remove this, and gently prise out the ‘N’ size 1.5V Alkaline battery noting the polarity (negative at the spring end). Most fingers can do this unaided but a small screwdriver may help. When refitting a new battery it is important to ensure it’s fitted the correct way around. Push the negative (-) end of the battery down into the spring of the battery holder. As the spring is pushed in, gently push the positive (+) end of the battery into position.

What does the display show?
There is a numerical display of lean angle, measured in degrees from vertical; Above this is the graphical display of Cornering Force, or lateral g, showing in tenths of a g. At the sides are a pair of eight-segment bar graphs which show acceleration and braking force up to 1G.

At the bottom are indicators for battery status, whether you are in Ride mode or viewing corner capture Data (and in this mode, whether you are viewing the maximum lean measured during a trip or for all trips).

At the top left corner a solid L indicates you have datalogging recorded. A flashing L means data is being recorded at the moment

Where can I find the latest software?
On the Support page are all the currently available downloads. Here you can find the owner’s manual, plus any firmware and software updates. We’re constantly refining the code and developing features so it’s worth checking every few months to see if there’s anything new.

Where are you based, and where do you ship to?
We’re based in London, UK, and ship all over the world. We have a lot of experience of selling overseas and work hard to make the process as seamless as possible.

(UK customers: please note we’re a mail order business so we don’t have a shop or any facilities for personal callers.)

Can I call you and pay by credit card?
We use Paypal, the world’s largest and most trusted on-line payment system. The system is simple and accessed from our website directly.

Can I buy Leanometer at my dealer?
The Leanometer is available for purchase directly using Paypal. At the moment the Leanometer is not available elsewhere.

Does it work on bicycles too?